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The last couple years I’ve noticed a huge trend in the wedding industry.

The traditional long family style tables are making a comeback at wedding receptions vs having round tables. I absolutely love this!  I come from a large family on both my parents sides and family is very important to me and having my Italian heritage and getting to experience big family meals and being gathered around the table is such a wonderful thing to me. Not only am I seeing the long tables return but they are getting creative with them by adding curves.

Of course there are always pros and cons to everything. People might not like having to lean forward or backward to talk around a person so you can chat with someone a chair down but what a great way to mix up family and friends so people do get to meet new people and have great conversation family style.

If your planning a wedding this might be something to consider and of course it also all depends on if the venue space allows for it.

Even if its just for a special event or a holiday party this is a great way to change it up and try something different.


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