The Wedding Guest Book Has A Fresh New Look

We have all seen the traditional, standard, run-of-the-mill wedding guestbook. The problem is, that brides think its an honor for someone to be asked to be the attendant for the guest book when in reality its quite opposite. It’s a boring job and is it really necessary for someone to stand with the book? Most people know what to do when they see it. Unless you have a couple young ones in the family that it would be more special and meaningful to them to be a part of the big day, spare that adult friend or family member from the boring duty.

And lets face it, while its a nice keep sake, you will look through it once and it will be put away and never seen again. Its not exactly a coffee table piece you keep out.

By no means am I saying don’t have a wedding guest book and if you want to stick with the traditional little book of signatures, to each their own. But if you want to have something special for people to sign thats a little more fun and unique here are some great alternatives to the traditional guest book…which no one needs to be attendant to.


The Polaroid guest book

This is fabulous! Have this set up when people walk in or approach the ceremony area where it will be seen. Guests can take a fun picture place it in the album with a special note beside it. This works perfect if you aren’t having a photo booth at your wedding or even if you do you can have this same idea used with the photo booth images.



The Token Keepsake

This shadow box like frame allows guests to sign a wood chip and slip it in the frame. This is something that can then be displayed in your home and enjoyed!

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For The Wino

If you are wine lovers this is a wonderful idea. Have the guest sign a cork and slip it in the frame as similar to the idea from above.



The Game Lovers

Do you and your fiancé love game nights? This is such a fun idea for everyone to sign or leave a little note on a jenga game piece. This is a game you will play and enjoy the memories from your special day.



Signed Furniture

Have a special bench or piece of furniture built that all your guests can sign. Place it in a special garden area in your back yard where you can enjoy it for years to come.

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Something Personal

Find something that is personal and meaningful to the both of you. Something that maybe you both share a love for or maybe is was something from your first date together. This is a fantastic idea as a guest book that represents to two of you as a couple.


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