The Lost Art Of The Paper Invitation

We are a tech-savvy world these days, no doubt. Our society is a world of daily tweets, text, social media updates and nonstop e-mails. Its become our primary method of sharing information among family, friends and business associates.

There is a difference between an invitation and a notification.

A notification received on Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc. is a notification and nothing more.

No matter how sweet and inviting the words used in your notification, it is still just an impersonal notification. Now of course if you are planning a last minute, informal, casual back yard barbecue or maybe it’s a business event by all means FB is the perfect way to invite your friends, family & general public but for all other events some traditions are good to keep using.

No text, tweet, evite or e-mail can replace the sense of importance as a hand written note or a custom printed invitation received in the mail.

Social media invites are so impersonal when planning a special event.

This generation is losing the importance of etiquette, manners, respect and the formality of it all. When you receive a letter or invitation in the mail it tells the recipient that they are important and they feel you really want them to attend their event.

Electronic invitations like e-mail, evites, Facebook, etc. are considered a casual form of social communication. Electronic invitations do not convey the same sense of importance as a paper and ink invitation received in the mail.

Make it personal, show your guest that you cared enough to take the time and energy to invite them. The problem with email or any digital communication is that its too easy. Although the sentiment was the same and the words are the same the difference is that you took a little more time and a little more energy to make them feel important.

The world – at least some of the world – have already been using paperless invitations. It is already a fairly commonplace to use electronic invitations for weddings, and non wedding events, like showers, parties and other social gatherings. It has become the busy bride/person’s best friend. It’s eco-friendly, cheap and fun. Most people host a party to celebrate a special occasion whether it’s for themselves or for a friend or family member, it’s all done for a special purpose. Weddings especially are considered one of life’s most important occasions, and the invitation that announces it sets the overall tone of the event to come.

Keep in mind also that older generations aren’t as tech savvy and may not have e-mail or understand how to RSVP to an electronic invite. Not to group the elderly into a designated category as there are many elderly very much into and savvy with the digital world but just the same, there are a lot of younger generations who choose to live off-line and though they may have email they don’t do social media.

To RSVP or not RSVP?

Another problem with sending invitations through e-mail or through social media, you will find that guest tend to not obligate to an RSVP. Invitations through social media and digital communication are casual and nonchalant in nature.

People want to know that they are valued and thought of and know that they are more than just another “friend” on Facebook, twitter or just another e-mail uploaded to evite.

Paper invitations can be posted on the refrigerator or message board for a constant reminder, admired and many love to save them for keepsakes.

Many say they don’t want to spend a lot of money on invitations because people just throw them away and this really chaps my A**

I absolutely agree, people will toss crappy invitations that totally show there was no thought or effort put into them. Why should one keep something even the host didn’t care enough about. Put some thought and effort into them and make them super special.

When it comes to invitations people often struggle whether or not to go digital as most people are on a budget and this is definitely more cost efficient but there are plenty of other ways and areas to save money.

Save the date cards and notifications.

Save the date cards have been a trend for years now and they’re not just for weddings anymore. I see save the dates for all kinds of events and special occasions. A great way to save money and a wonderful idea is to send out your save the date electronically vs. through the mail. The Save the date is a wonderful thing to send out but it is not as important as the main invitation so by doing it electronically, this will certainly cut down on paper and postage and then continue with sending out a the actual paper invitation that follows the save the date.

Create a wedding website and use it to communicate with your guests about everything from up coming wedding events, lodging, travel option, gift registries, reception meal choices and more. You can certainly cut down on costs by going this route. It’s cost efficient and eco-friendly

Digital or Paper?

Whether you decide to go digital or the paper route make sure to keep it consistent.

I’ve seen people send paper invitations to guests who are not tech savvy and digital to the rest. This is a horrible idea. The scenario of some paper and some paperless not only complicates things but totally goes against all etiquette that says it is preferable for all guests to receive the same invitation and around the same time. It also will make your guest feel as though some were more important than others and its just plain tacky!

Invitations set the stage for an event.

You’re invites should be one-of-a-kind, wow-your-guests worthy and designed specifically for your fabulous party.

Invitations are your party’s introduction. It sets the tone of what guests are to expect.

If its a casual “paper” invitation then the party/wedding will be casual and if the “paper” invitation is formal then the event will be formal. They present the event’s theme, colors, fun factor. It creates excitement and anticipation and people feel appreciated and this is why invitations are so important.


Invitations Examples and Ideas

This is an example of a formal wedding invitation. This invitation tells me that it will be a formal affair.








This is a casual invitation and tells me that this will be a more laid back casual event











Be different and creative. Remember earlier I talked about wowing your guest. Here are some fabulous ideas for 3D invitations


Below are invitation and gift ideas we created here at PDS. YES! we do custom invites, party favors, gifts and more! 

Jurassic themed Halloween party

Baby reveal gift ideas PDS created for 2 different clients

A Christmas gift. A Cabelas Bison hunting excursion in South Dakota. We created this box as a way for the client to present the gift to her boyfriend.

Bachelorette Party Hangover Kits created by us

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