The Groom and his suit

Ok, lets be real, usually all eyes are on the bride and her dress, but the groom should stand out just as much. His suit fashion is just as important as the dress and the two of you should stand out together compared to the rest of the wedding party. The wedding gown stands alone among the bridesmaid dresses so why do we always blend the groom with the groomsmen? Sure, there is always the slight difference to set him apart from his posse like wearing a different color vest and tie or a different flower for the boutonniere but really he still pretty much blends in.  The black suit is a trend grooms have been sporting for as long as we can remember. It is a classic look and timeless no doubt. And altho the couples are stepping outside the box a bit more with the gray and navy suits, it’s still the “usual” and “normal”.

Every bride wants her wedding to stand out in a different way than all the weddings she has seen and been to. Set your groom apart from the rest and make the both of you stand out together on your special day. It is a great way to bring a different element to your wedding.

I am in love with the all white/ivory suit for the groom while his best fellas are in a different color/style. Why should the bride be the only one in “white”.  Here are some wedding suit fashion trends that have me swooning 😍


Credits: Rachel May Photography


Credits: Two Foxes Photography



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Even this subtle difference makes all the difference

Credits: Julie Michaelsen Photography


Credits: Stylecaster

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