It’s All About Mixing It Up!

Interior Design follows fashion trends. What we see on the fashion runway influences the world of interiors and just as much as we see the fashion trends in our interiors we see them in the world of event design. A fashion trend that is bigger than ever right now is all about mixing metals and materials together. It is no longer gold on gold or silver on silver. The same goes with materials, textures and color. Its all about mixing it up. We have taken this fashion into our living and entertaining spaces and made it eclectic.

Gold has made a huge comeback from the 80’s. But why choose gold or silver. Why not have it both? We mix colors together to create a scheme so why not do the same with metals and materials! I am seeing a lot of weddings with the gold and silver combo mixed in with their wedding decor!

Fashion trend:

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Interior Trend That Follows Fashion:

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Photo © Tony Powell. Waterworks Georgetown Showroom. March 27, 2015










Event Design Trends That Follows Fashion & Interiors:

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