NYE Party Tips!

2016 is just about here, so if you’re planning a New Year’s Eve bash you should start your planning now! Here are some great ways to set the mood to ring in the new year!

1. Dim your lights and flood the house with votive candles. Candles are the most romantic and cost effective way to create a festive, sexy atmosphere! To make your candles burn longer, put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer the day before your party.












2. Buy pink bulbs at any local home store (for example, Home Depot) and swap them into your lamps for the night or if you can use uplighting for the walls; you will be amazed at the difference it makes and the atmosphere it creates!











3. Balloons are a great way to add a festive feel to any special occasion. And like the votive candles it is a cheap and easy way to add some fabulousness to your party decor. Streamers, tinsel and twinkle lights strung across the ceiling make for great party decor as well!

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4. And of course you must stick with the traditional New Year’s Eve party items such as noisemakers, hats, tiaras, boas, and horns. I recommend putting these items on a platter or in a big decorative bowl and letting people grab items as they wish.

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5. Music is so important! It helps keep people stimulated and in the mood so make sure to create a bad ass play list for the evening’s festivities!


6. On New Year’s Eve, serve a specialty drink at the start of the party and champagne at midnight, and then invite your guests to BYOB their favorites. As the host, be sure to provide all the setups, such as soda, tonic, soft drinks, lemons, limes, etc.

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7. For your menu, I recommend light hors d’oeuvres throughout the evening, such as veggies & fruit, sliders, chips & dip. Make sure to have enough food throughout the evening especially if alcohol is involved people will want to eat again later in the night.


8. At midnight, there will be lots of kissing going on with everyone ringing in the New Year. So place mints in your bathroom and around the house to keep things fresh!

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9. No NYE is complete with out a little glitter and confetti. Altho it can make a bit of a mess its always fun to have!

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10. Provide a favor for your guests as they arrive like kiss me kits as a way to say thank you for coming! Or for something to take home you could do little mini champagne bottles, hangover kits, or even to-go hot chocolate for the ride home!

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