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Planners and designers are saying bye-bye to burlap and Mason jars and hello to more customization, fairy tale themes, and Korean barbecue in 2015.

What’s Out

Rustic burnout: Raw burlap and Mason jars, along with farm tables in their basic form are going out of style.

Clients want to see them used in a new way—rustic glam instead of just rustic. Mason jars are for pickling, not for table decor. Please, give it a rest on the burlap. This tired-out trend needs to ride off into the sunset.

Do This:
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Not This:

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No glow: Glowing furniture has got to go. It was fun for a moment but lets move along.

Prissy petals: Tight flower arrangements are out, and full, loose, garden-inspired blooms are in. The more organic looking, the better.

Tight flower arrangement – Out


Full loose arrangements – In


Less is more: We are seeing less and less huge weddings with hundreds of guests—a lot more quality over quantity. Instead, spending the budget on those more V.I.P. guests instead of spreading yourself thin by having double the headcount.

What’s In

Fairy tale themes:Fairy tale-inspired events will be big

Customization: The trend for a fully customizable event is a hot hot hot! From custom graphics applied to dance floors, unique textures and bold patterns found in mix-and-matched fabrics, custom rugs and furniture to programmable lighting, clients want events that scream personalization.


Korean cuisine:  People are going crazy for contemporary Korean fusion food items like kimchi tacos. It’s not heavy like Chinese or overdone like sushi.

Shiny touch: Metallics will continue to be important accents.  Silver used to be the go-to choice, but gold is becoming more popular

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Fabulous chairs: Clients are beginning to get excited about interesting chairs, and what an incredible way to make a huge impact with an interesting dining chair.

Lounge around: Lounge areas for your guest to kick back are a great addition to your reception

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