The Groom and his suit

Ok, lets be real, usually all eyes are on the bride and her dress, but the groom should stand out just as much. His suit fashion is just as important as the dress and the two of you should stand out together compared to the rest of the wedding party. The wedding gown stands alone [...]

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Why You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

There's a time for technology, electronic devices and social media and there's a time to unplug and really be in the moment. Put down your phone, iPad, camera or whatever device you use and actually be in the moment. We are all so caught up in taking pictures and capturing the moment that you actually [...]

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The Wedding Guest Book Has A Fresh New Look

We have all seen the traditional, standard, run-of-the-mill wedding guestbook. The problem is, that brides think its an honor for someone to be asked to be the attendant for the guest book when in reality its quite opposite. It's a boring job and is it really necessary for someone to stand with the book? Most [...]

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12 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER It seems contrary to intuition, but hiring a wedding planner right from the get-go can save you costly mistakes through the planning process. They know the right people, they know the industry, and they can help you get the most bang for your wedding budget. They are also there to make [...]

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Planning Your Wedding Party

Tips On Planning Your Wedding And What To Do If You Have An Uneven Wedding Party. Your wedding party is your support group, your A-team, your wedding day front line. Here’s some great tips on creating your perfect wedding party Think twice before you ask. While it may be tempting to ask all of your [...]

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The Colored Wedding Gown – Breaking The Status Quo

The white wedding gown is a relatively modern fashion. Wearing a white gown is really a post-World War II phenomenon. Before that, most girls would invest in a gorgeous dress or their "best" dress they could wear again. In pioneer America, that often meant black, brightened up with some white lace or artificial orange blossoms; during [...]

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It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding

Weddings are expensive. Even DIY weddings can add up but this doesn't mean you have to skimp on certain things. I've seen so many brides skimp on the most important things you should never skimp on. My question to you is,  why do so many couples on a budget choose to get married during wedding [...]

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The Lost Art Of The Paper Invitation

We are a tech-savvy world these days, no doubt. Our society is a world of daily tweets, text, social media updates and nonstop e-mails. Its become our primary method of sharing information among family, friends and business associates. There is a difference between an invitation and a notification. A notification received on Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, [...]

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Gifts for the Groomsmen

I don't really dig the typical-normative trends in wedding party gifts. So often I see the same thing every wedding day when the gifts are given to the wedding party from the bride and groom and as if it's assumed that all the men are interested in are flasks for their booze, something sports related [...]

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