Open Air Photo Booth

We are excited here at PDS! We have a hot new item to offer for your next party or special event. Check out our open air photo kiosk rental. No more over done, boring, basic black photo booths to cram into. This open air concept allows more creativity! Getting married outdoors? Why not show how [...]

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Fit For A Queen

Who says "all crystal" chandeliers are trending out? Not this designer!! Bringing the 18th century back, chandeliers are a new old trend and I just added a new piece to our home. Before: This chandelier came with the home when we bought it about a year ago                 [...]

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Bright Ideas!

I’m not a follow-the-rules kind of designer. In fact, I’m more the rule-breaking type. There’s always an exception to every rule and since I don't hold to many established design rules, when it comes to decorating with table lamps, for most it’s easy to feel left in the dark without a little guidance. Not only [...]

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