Making the bed!

Making your bed every morning is important for many reasons and there are many ways to make up a bed, but what I have noticed with the younger generation is they have no idea how to even make a bed properly. I see this a lot when I go into a 20-30 year old’s home.


What NOT to do

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The only time its ok to pull the bedspread/comforter over the pillows you sleep on is if the bedspread is custom made to do so. This look, which is from the 60-70s is no longer in style so please do NOT even do this!

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There are so many “right” ways a bed can be made and it can be overwhelming. Here are some great styles to show you how to make up a bed!


The RIGHT way

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The pillows that you sleep on should either be laid flat and stacked or propped up against the headboard. If you have euro shams they go in front of the regular pillow, standard sham pillow in front of that and then your decorative pillows. Having all those pillows is not necessary. It is absolutely ok to just have a few small decorative pillows on your bed.


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