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Who says “all crystal” chandeliers are trending out? Not this designer!! Bringing the 18th century back, chandeliers are a new old trend and I just added a new piece to our home.

Before: This chandelier came with the home when we bought it about a year ago

IMG_0728 IMG_0731











After: The new crystal chandelier – Its fabulously breathtaking

IMG_1414 IMG_1407 IMG_1401




















Lighting is an often overlooked piece when decorating your home. Lighting trends may have steered homeowners away from crystal chandeliers for a while but for me the love for crystal chandeliers never dimmed.

Nowadays you do see a combination of materials with crystal chandeliers. Envision the glamour of old Hollywood combined with contemporary design elements. Mixing of metals, crystals, colors, and finishes in light fixtures helps bring a room to life in new and unexpected ways.









Think of lighting as jewelry for the home.

Gorgeous draping beads, shinny metals, crystals that catch the light – all are elements of fine jewelry, as well as fine lighting fixtures. A light fixture adds that special touch to each room. Like diamonds, crystals on a chandelier reflect the light and sparkle. Light fixtures are the finishing touch to a room adding glimmer to catch the eye, the same way jewelry is for an outfit. Lighting, like jewelry, can push the envelope and be adventurous.

Chandeliers or other kinds of ceiling lights create a relationship between the ceiling and the room — it fills that negative space. All your weight is on the floor. Where most people have recess lighting, it’s left kind of a void (in the ceiling). What’s nice about chandeliers, it brings your eye up and allows it to travel around the entire space.

Not Just For The Foyer Or Dining Table

Chandeliers were mainly used for a home’s foyer or dining room table. Today, they’re hanging in various spaces, such as master bedrooms and bathrooms — specifically above a tub.

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