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Posh Interiors For The Baby Nursery

There is about to be a baby boom among a group of friends so I felt inspired to write this blog and share some baby nursery trends that we are seeing in 2018. Design has always been an important element and even more so now thanks to the World Wide Web and sites like Pintrest [...]

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The Groom and his suit

Ok, lets be real, usually all eyes are on the bride and her dress, but the groom should stand out just as much. His suit fashion is just as important as the dress and the two of you should stand out together compared to the rest of the wedding party. The wedding gown stands alone [...]

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It’s All About Mixing It Up!

Interior Design follows fashion trends. What we see on the fashion runway influences the world of interiors and just as much as we see the fashion trends in our interiors we see them in the world of event design. A fashion trend that is bigger than ever right now is all about mixing metals and [...]

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Why You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

There's a time for technology, electronic devices and social media and there's a time to unplug and really be in the moment. Put down your phone, iPad, camera or whatever device you use and actually be in the moment. We are all so caught up in taking pictures and capturing the moment that you actually [...]

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Transform Your Space With Online Interior Design

Most folks find that trying to decorate their home can be a daunting task. And a lot of them think there are only 2 options for interior design - do it themselves or hire an interior designer. BUT there's a third option! Go online for virtual Design. With all the home decorating shows on tv, [...]

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The Wedding Guest Book Has A Fresh New Look

We have all seen the traditional, standard, run-of-the-mill wedding guestbook. The problem is, that brides think its an honor for someone to be asked to be the attendant for the guest book when in reality its quite opposite. It's a boring job and is it really necessary for someone to stand with the book? Most [...]

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12 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER It seems contrary to intuition, but hiring a wedding planner right from the get-go can save you costly mistakes through the planning process. They know the right people, they know the industry, and they can help you get the most bang for your wedding budget. They are also there to make [...]

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