Posh Interiors For The Baby Nursery

There is about to be a baby boom among a group of friends so I felt inspired to write this blog and share some baby nursery trends that we are seeing in 2018. Design has always been an important element and even more so now thanks to the World Wide Web and sites like Pintrest at our fingertips. The nursery decor is just as important as the rest of the homes decor.

One piece of advice that I would like to give you is to keep it simple and timeless. Your baby won’t be a baby for long so invest in pieces that can change with the trends, that will change with your baby’s needs, for example a crib that converts to a bed, a dresser that will be age appropriate in style as your child gets older and most of all, quality pieces that will last for years.

Because trends change quickly it is better to keep your space timeless. Because babies do grow so fast, that makes my advice that much more important. It is great to style your space in the latest trend but a rule of thumb is to keep the main pieces in your space timeless and have fun with the accessories. It is much easier to change out small inexpensive decor items like a pillow or a lamp or perhaps even an accent wall done in wallpaper or a fun painted mural.  If your main pieces are timeless then they will still be in style to reuse when you have your second, third or god love you, fourth child. Just things to keep in mind when planning your bundle of joy’s space

Enjoy these au courant nursery decor trends!


Large scale floral prints 



Buffalo Check


Four Poster Crib



Live Plants (because its good for the soul and you should have a plant in every room)



Fun Lighting




Timeless Pieces of Furniture



Last but not least: My Favorite Looks!

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